Whew, that was close

September 17, 2008 at 8:53 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Thought the change of address had already been handled by the Election Division here, but it had not…they are sending me out a change of address form to fill out. had I not called them, I could have been unable to vote in the general.

Since I’m still within Denver County…that will pose no problem.

Their Election Division site has a lot of detail on who is eligible, and how overseas voting, early voting and mail in voting are handled.

The deadline is October 6th at 5 pm…but there are some situations where persons wishing to register outside the deadline can do so: (from the Elections Division site)

Emergency Registration
You may register to vote in an election after the voter registration deadline has passed if you appear in person at the Denver Elections Division, declare under oath that you wish to vote in the election and precinct for which the deadline was missed, and attest under oath to one of the following conditions:

* You were registered to vote in another Colorado county, moved to Denver County prior the deadline, but failed to register prior to the deadline.
* You applied to register to vote prior to the deadline using a federal post card application or mail registration application.
* You registered with a voter registration drive prior to the deadline and are able to produce a receipt from the registration form you filled out or state the location of the voter registration drive and provide an approximate date that you filled out the registration form.
* You registered at another agency under the National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter): Department of Motor Vehicles, Human Services, Social Services etc.

Sadly when I voted in the primary earlier this summer, the pollster said of me and the roomate: “That’ll push us up into double digits at this polling place today.”

Since I’m a Star Trek fan, I’ll close with a favorite quote from one of the series of books written about the show…. Spock and McCoy discussing the electoral process on Vulcan:

“Doctor, the Vulcan word for ‘idiot’ is derived from an older Vulcan word meaning ‘one who fails to participate in civil affairs…”*

*From ‘Spock’s World,’ by Diane Duane



  1. bridgett said,

    The English word “idiot” also has a long history and originally (from the Greek) meant “one too selfish to take interest in public affairs.” Greek orators in the classical period spoke of “idiots” as those who displayed poor judgment in community matters, or those who privileged their own needs (narrowly defined) over that which was good for the life of the polis. It later came to acquire the meaning of “non-citizen” — someone who lacked the competency to exercise the rights of a citizen…as in “women, children, and other idiots.” (Gotta love those 19th century dudes.)

    Glad you got your registration sorted. I expect Colorado to be a nastily contested state this year, sort of a Boulder-Springs faceoff.

  2. imfunny2 said,

    I agree….its Boulder/Denver/Pueblo vs the Springs and much (though not all ) of the rest of the state.

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