Advice needed….

September 15, 2008 at 12:01 PM (Uncategorized)

How to, for the sake of many intangibles, not take offense at a truly cutting email.

It was not about disability or politics.

It was very personal. Very very much so.

The sender, I think, is itching for a fight.

I’m not going to fight with them, although the paternal genes in me are itching to do so….

They believe they are the toughest thing going, verbal sparring wise. I’m going to have to let them think it, and just not pick up the glove.

Fighting with them causes them more pain than they need, and will certainly rebound and smack me in the head emotionally speaking.

And I honestly had *no wish* to fight with them before my email box bit me this morning

Evidently I cannot be trusted to communicate with someone without having an “agenda.”

Except for the occasional fire breathing screed(s) here, my internet persona has not been actively offensive since prior to my blogging incarnation (during the Great Flame War of 2001-2004 when my last relationship blew up.)

(and, updated the am of the 16th, another email came in…)

WTF Ever, as the young ones say.


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  1. bridgett said,

    The one-line yeah, I got your sorry-ass screed and I’m not engaging you: “Sorry that I got you in a lousy mood. I don’t use my limited energies on responding to rants any more. Best wishes.”

    Or, easier — hit delete. You don’t need this juvenile crap.

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