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It’s no secret that I miss my famil(es)….most of them are 1300 miles away in one direction, and others live in California, in neighborhoods that are too rich for my salary….

There’s another kind of separation, that I’ve blogged about before…the political sort.

I’m heading back east Thanksgiving weekend. (In the manual chair. Anyone who has ever attempted air travel with an electric scooter or power chair knows that the risk to the machinery or battery acid on everyone *elses* checked bags…nope, too much)

I’ve promised my aunt I’ll say nothing about politics while gathered with her or under her roof. (she didn’t ask, I’ve offered to hold my tongue.)

And I mean it. I’ll keep my word. I’m fortunate in my family and that she has no problem with me showing up at her place every year or so…

But aside from all of the more articulated differences between the candidates…I know that we will see less progress in autonomy for people with disabilities, job opportunity and creation for people with disablities, and care in the community rather than in instututions from the platform of the GOP than the platform of anyone to the left of them.

FWIW…anyone who is an advocate for special needs children had best *also* be an advocate for special needs adults….I know we aren’t cute, but dropping the ball when we’re 18 smacks of indifference at best, and hypocrisy at worst.

So, it does break my heart that the family that genuinely loves me and supports me, and saw my challenges growing up and as an adult married woman… doesn’t let that stand in the way of their politics.

And so I’ve had to do the same. Money and time has gone to their political adversaries, and will continue to do so….

But I just hate it. Hate that the forces that have meant to be divisive, whose actuall *intent* was to splinter…

Have hit home.



  1. bridgett said,

    And yet, you have the opportunity to do a great good in your neck of the woods, as does anybody living in Colorado who supports change at the national level. Call up the local Obama campaign and have them send you some voter registration cards. Whereever you happen to be, help to enroll new voters. You can do especially important work reaching out to the disabled community, since you probably know people that the campaign will overlook (because they are young and not very plugged-in to disability stuff yet, typically).

    Also, we both should move back to Ohio and take a million or so other liberals with us…but barring that…

  2. imfunny2 said,

    I’m very encouraged by what I’m hearing from aquaintances out in the world, people that I’m almost certain went the way of “W” in 04. Even if the entire state doesn’t change now, it is definintely heading in that direction.

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