So, which to keep.

August 10, 2008 at 6:23 PM (Uncategorized) ()

First, know.

I prefer fiction to reality (still)  Mystery to science, and past or future to present. (I often think that one of my best friends who comments here is spending her life learning the truths of the past, and I spend my learning time lost in myth and legend, past, present or future.  Laugh.)   The only rigidly current non-fiction I ready are biographies [which all have some level of fiction in them] and angry political potboilers.

[the following are cited incorrectly because I have no clue how to underline.

I have to winnow out my collection of books.  Was going to go down to twenty from 200, but then I got realistic.  The small remaining bookcase does hold sixty or so.  So, sixty or so.

Only the non-fiction essays of Harlan Ellison:

“Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed.”

“Angry Candy.”


And the once-banned “The Glass Teat.” and “The Other Glass Teat”

My collection of Moliere’s plays in French.  Also “Nest of Vipers” in French

My one Mary Poppins hardback.

“Little Women”

“Eight Cousins”

John Dean’s  “Broken Goverment”

Only five Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books, of perhaps thirty in one series.

I’m not going to list them.  They’re elegant, but still really just historical novel smut.

The Narnia books

The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit

A hardback of “The Silmarillion” that my late husband gave me at Christmastime, 1977

Three Star Trek novels, that are not just well written Trek, but well written books,  either written by feminists, or with main characters with surprsingly feminist sensibilities. “Spock’s World and “My Enemy My Ally,” both by Diane Duane and “Dwellers In The Crucible” by Margaret Wander Bonnano

That is the only Trek I’m keeping.  [out in the ether somewhere, Hell is freezing over.]

Three   of Heinlien’s, “Time Enough For Love,” “I Will Fear No Evil,” and “To Sail Beyond the Sunset,”

All of the Callahan’s novels and collections by Spider Robinson, along with the related Lady Sally’s ‘house’ books.

A hardbound bible, written in French, printed sometime in the 19th century, that my husband was given by one if his retiring mentors.

Three antiques, 18th century picked up in one of the gazillion bookshops in Boston in 1988

The script of the play “Blood Wedding,” by Frederico Garcia Lorca.

Ingrid Bergman’s biograpy,

“The Band Played On”

And more saving spots, I haven’t filled yet.

I hate doing this, even though the others that belong to me are going to used bookshops and or Ebay.

(I have some collections of five books each or so that I have to return to others, and that wil happen in September)

I hope to Deity some good, some relief that I’m not seeing comes of this…I couldn’t pay to move the large bookcase anyhow, if it had not been shattered by time…so the small one it is


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  1. bridgett said,

    Hmmm, sounds like you’ve gleaned some winners. Have you heard about BookMooch? (www dot BookMooch dot com) You list books you’d be willing to mail on to someone and in return get credits that you can spend getting books sent to you. Might be easier and more rewarding than eBay or the used shops (psychically, I have an easier time letting go of books if I know I’m getting them into the hands of someone who is looking forward to reading and enjoying them as I did) and you’d be getting some stuff you want to read in exchange. Then again, if the goal is getting the boxes off the floor so that you and roomie have the space to circulate around the house…maybe not.

    I’m all about the catch-and-release these days, especially with fiction.

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