Nothing Ventured…

July 28, 2008 at 7:09 PM (Uncategorized)

So, one of the benefits of newhouse, is that a grocery store is right across the street, thus enabling my own input into healthier choices by riding the scooter across the street….

The problem is, there’s this giant hill going up and down to the main parking lot of the store….I was able to avoid it going in by skirting the top of the parking lot… but…when leaving got myself into a blocked off space and had to go *backwards* down part of the hill to get to the base and then go straight up….

The entirety of my bravado disappeared and I became the scared five year old before they cross the street…

“Turn the thing and pray alot, pray alot…”

I did not get dumped out…or tipped over, but I did investigate a way to go three quarters of the way around the dang store to find a level entrance…not doing that acrobatic hill again on a scooter with no seatbelt…

Going into a store again, something I hadn’t done myself much since the mid 1990’s relying on others and/or grocery delivery services…

Everyone in the world told me that no one made fully cooked, grilled chicken strips anymore…

Liars, Liars all, because Tyson does…got myself some.

Roommate and myself seem to be adverse to eating the chicken we cook, so I thought of these….

Also a marvelous locally made black cherry soda with Splenda…tastes perfect

(Thankfully the movie theater next door is just a straight shot out of the complex…no hills…)

Learning the new neighborhood a bit at a time…

Inside begins to look more like home also…Wooden DVD rack handmade by a stepbrother, a beautiful thing… computer table, tables, refurbished recliners

(but I have to get rid of all of my books but twenty [Sob!] since the 7 foot wood bookcase given to me by my maternal parent has been inadvertently destroyed…and this space is *small*)

(and am saving only twenty VHS to convert to DVD’s  The rest are going….)

Moving is always difficult, but also interesting.


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  1. Attila the Mom said,

    Those Tyson strips are a lifesaver, aren’t they? And they’re so versatile! Sorry to hear about your bookcase. 😦

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