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I’m not trying to disrespect specific people that I know….

But ‘faith healing’ whether it is from an evangelical church, or from those who self describe as committed New Agers…from the right and from the left.

I submit that these belief systems are both:

Profoundly disrespectful of persons with disabilities or impairments.

And, actively *dangerous* to the mental health of people with disabilities.



Those of us who see the Social Model of Disability as the correct way in, for the able, or others with disabilties to see us, means that we are people first [and here’s the radical part: correctly built, made, constructed ‘as is’ ! I ) Impairment is not tragedy, or something to wish away…It exists. (When I’m having lousy days, I do still run to the Medical Model to see if I can improve comfort and function, but I don’t view that as disrespecting how I’m built. I’m ‘shooting’ for the Social Model, just haven’t got there yet.)

The positive results of following this model cannot be underestimated. When a person with impairments first realizes that they are constructed correctly for their life, a great deal of energy that might have been directed at a ‘cure quest,’ gets shot off, hopefully in a direction that means you’re life gets richer, and more fun.

But the evangelical faith healing community… has two nasty uses for people with disabilities. First, the pure quackery of the quick set up, rent those wheelchairs, slap the able bodied assistant’s into them, and voila…for those still on the cure road, a devastating set up and lead in to false hope.

And, even if some sites or persons or groups *have* some sort of ability to ‘heal.’ What happens to you if those around you experience something, and you do not?

Then, the community tells you, “Your faith just isn’t strong enough.” In other words the only reason you aren’t healed is you, yourself. Wrong. Fallen short. or worse yet, Unworthy.

And the New Age:

In a nutshell, they tell you that the only reason you have a given impairment, illness or disability is because you *wanted* it in the first place. And that you have to find out what, in the yellow brick road of some past life, alternate reality made you pick certain conditions before you were born.

Good Gawd, what a load of acid laced cotton candy that is.

And last….’failure’ to heal at both of these altars, can take people into isolation, depression, even suicidal thoughts…

People of these belief systems: *Listen!* If you are a genuine person, a person who wishes good for all:

We’re good already. Right now. As is. Your misplaced desire to ‘help’ us keeps us from understanding the life we’re meant for. It keeps us from it, and can actually hurt us, rather than help. The best lives we can live don’t deserve to be blocked up or hazy or confused because of your fear of impairment.

Because *that’s* what it’s really about, down deep, isn’t it?


  1. andrea said,

    Yeup! You tell it!

  2. Attila the Mom said,

    Little Guy’s girlfriend goes for “healing” at her church on a regular basis. I always have to bite my tongue when I hear her talk about it, but a part of me wants to call up her parents and ask WTF are you doing?

  3. cripchick said,


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