Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: A Review

May 24, 2008 at 6:27 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

Well, just spent the afternoon with Indy and Co….

Do Not Proceed Further if you Haven’t Seen The Film and Don’t Want to Know What Happens Next.

This one slides in *just* ahead of Last Crusade for me, and *only* because of the ending.

Things I liked:

There was clear intention to honor “Raiders and “Last Crusade,” with the nods to Marcus Brody and Henry Jones Sr. (Though I wish there would have been a nod to Salah too, living or not.

(The warehouse! [and the Ark being inadvertently rattled about by the villains and seen by the audience!!!] ) But I’ll come back to the Ark with a problem later.

When they unfolded Indy from the trunk of the car and he stood, in shadow, and put the hat on.

“You’re a teacher?!?!”

“Part Time…”

Tough Marian… Her smile still just lights up the screen.

Unlike some other family members, I thought the vehicle chase in the middle was well done had some good stunt work and made some sense. I remember thinking, “Damn that vehicle Marian’s driving is clearly a dual purpose thing…it’s a shame it won’t acually get used in the …water…” just at the time that the Good Guys get soaked.

Cate Blanchett was clearly having fun as the villain of the piece.

About Indy’s various women-other-than-Marian “They all had the same problem…They weren’t you, honey.” (Swoon)

The *ants!* Normally I don’t go for horror-movie-level-gross-out, but I saw it as Nature taking back her own, and having a really bad mood swing about it.

John Williams music pushed the film forward and made the audience care more. I think I’d be much less charitable if there wasn’t that score there.

And, I loved that…*Indy* is the only one that gets to wear the hat!

Things I was neutral about:

Did we need Ox or Mac? Not really. It would have been a tighter, tenser film without them. Or perhaps leave Ox in, but just don’t make him nutso.

The whole drag race in the beginning made no sense at all. No need.

The heavy handed “Wild Ones” image for Mutt was too much. And why the incessant male diva combing of the hair? The kid’s not Arthur Fonzarelli. But the young actor was likeable and engaging.

Things I didn’t like at all.

Hey! Don’t drag Indy into some dark room and call him America’s enemy. He’s a good guy.
No one could have survived that blast…they wouldn’t have set up a “test town” with a lead lined safety fridge.

What’s with the comrade with the rapier? They didn’t make sense to me together. Good swordswoman and Stalin’s pet? Just seemed odd.

And why show the Ark at the beginning, when it clearly could have opened up and fried every Russian in the warehouse, but didn’t….no, no no…should have been seen at the end, inadvertently.
Things I wished for, that did not happen:

Instead of sending the female villain back to the Twilight Zone…
She and Marian in a small space….the villain threatening to slice Marian to pieces, menacing with the rapier…

And Marian, who has clearly had enough of this babe making trouble for them all, just looks at all the sword waving and whips out a pistol and…well you know the drill.

If you love the first film, this will be a likeable echo of it….but that’s all…..



  1. Attila the Mom said,

    My guys saw it last week, and I can’t wait! Thanks for the review!

  2. imfunny2 said,

    Did your guys like it?

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