In honor of Indy….

May 22, 2008 at 6:26 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

I ditched the film blog, so I’ll write this here…haven’t seen the new film yet, will do so later tomorow night.

It was some weekend night during November 1981 “Raider’s of the Lost Ark” was still showing….it had gone second run, (something we had Before VCR’S, On Demand or TIVO, children) I was so in love with that movie that I’d seen it twelve times. Twelve, since its original release day.

Usually, my friends who drove would come and steal me away for funthings on the weekends, and they barely had to call. Just showed up, picked me up and we went through the endless permutations of film, dinner, late nite coffee, summer park walking, etc etc. that made up much of my crowd’s group social time.

But they hadn’t called yet, and it was about 6:50 pm, and I was getting sulky about spending a weekend night at home. My mom needed slight (but not much) convincing….she dropped me off at the worn out, comfortable Center Mayfield theater and I paid 1.50 (or 1.25 or 1.00), where she dropped me off and asked me to call when the movie was done, and she’d pick me up…I walked in, got my popcorn and settled down to enjoy Raiders.

Anyone who loves Raiders will tell you of their favorite moments…I had just begun to watch the chase scene, wherein about twenty bad guys with military guns and trucks would be dealt with by one guy on a horse…

“What truck,” says Our Hero when he is told the Ark is on it’s way to Hitler….and begins to chase it down….

Suddenly, a line of at least four people entered the theater, walked down to and entered my row…one of them whispered to me…”C’mon Jean, lets go….we’re going to see a movie…”

“But,” said I, “I’m *in* a movie!”

I allowed myself to be convinced to see “Ragtime”

which was showing first run in another theater.

Obviously, someone had called my home, asked for me found I was over at the Center Mayfield on my thirteenth go round of Raiders, and then made the plan to kidnap me in time for the 9:15 show at the Richmond…I went with them, because I just liked hanging around them…

But I learned two things:

One: Friends *will actually drag you out* slowly, as you back away facing the screen to catch every last bit of the action. And, that you *did* have fun with them, which was your initial point….But even so…

Two: Ragtime was nowhere near the joy of Raiders.



  1. bridgett said,

    Elf is trying to convince me that we all need to go to a 9:30 am matinee tomorrow.

  2. imfunny2 said,

    Good for Elf… 🙂 but isn’t that a little early? I’m glad the reviewer’s seem to like it.

  3. pennylrichardsca said,

    I was the first one in line to see ROTLA in Scranton (yeah, Scranton)–I was 14 and apparently riding public transit by myself, transferred buses downtown and up the highway to the mall cinema, hours before the box office opened. I even remember that I was wearing red overalls, for some reason. And yeah, I went back to see it again, and probably again after that too… because I was 14, and it was summer, and MTV hadn’t quite debuted yet… 😉

  4. bridgett said,

    The last thing I saw at the Center Mayfield was Sex, Lies, and Videotape…I think that came out right before I left Cleveland.

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