One last Badd kick in the head…

May 4, 2008 at 7:04 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

With apologies for WCD for expanding on her excellent post.

Here’s solid proof that any jerk can have a byline.


There was 1969 through 1985 all many many years that I was disliked because of my giftedness….*that had nothing to do with my impairments*

Then 1987-1994 when I was disliked because pious persons suspected, because of my joie de vivre that I might not be as devout as they would have liked. (that has nothing to do with my impairments either.)

Or, many many persons are now irritated with me, even if they like me, because, well, I talk too damn much. (that has nothing to do with my impairments either.)

Every PWD, born or made is people from the moment of birth til death, and doesn’t lose their humanity if disability overtakes them during said timespan. That’s simple, academically accepted studied, paperd, textbooked, internetted, booked, TV’d movied….. It’s all over the place by now.

And we’re supposed to be proud of this able bodied ‘person’ because he’s moved from the pillow angel model to dislike?

He’s shaken to his core, because he’s *just discovered* that people with disabilities are *people!* GMAFB!

I’m reminded of perhaps the most asinine line of dialogue in film I’ve ever heard in a film, when a nerd chides a Deaf woman for rebuffing his advances after his handsome friend has taken a swing at denying her self esteem just because he can in “In the Company of Men”

Said nerd, who figures he’ll get the handsome friends leftover, because she couldn’t possibly have other prospects, basically tells her in outrage that she should be grateful for his lust for her, that she doesn’t get to choose who to date/sleep with because she’s Deaf. Her silence is, thankfully the ultimate kissoff and the apoplectic nerd goes his way.

I’m wishing now that I looked a bit like Pacino in the Godfather:

I consider mi famiglia PWD’s to have been profoundly disrespected by the Guardian article, a steaming pile of literary asshattery. Granted he would have looked just as incomprehensible coming to the Ouch website hat in hand and saying, “Wait, I’m allowed to dislike you? You’re people? That’s amazing, thanks for sharing….” But then we could have patted him on his head, sent him on his way and figured he would be a credit to the able by the time he reached the century mark.

What is most troubling is that since this is in ‘the traditional media,’ just how many Guardian readers are now patting themselves on the back for disabilism?

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  1. andrea said,

    Not just any jerk can have a byline — LOTS of jerks have bylines.

    We need more disabled writers in the press, to help drown out the jerks. (Which makes me wonder, How can I get a byline again? Preferably one that pays more than minimum wage.)

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