HAVA, and the Voting Rights Act don’t matter a damn…if

May 2, 2008 at 12:38 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

this 2006 documentary is correct.

If Diebold memory cards can (or could have in 2000,2004 or 2006) in fact be hacked to add negative votes to one candidate and give positive votes to another prior to election day….

I know lots of folks don’t have access to HBO, but their internet site does give a small video clip and a synopsis of the documentary “Hacking Democracy.”

Caucuses don’t matter.

Primaries don’t matter.

Internet fund raising doesn’t matter.

Giving access to the electoral process to voters with each and every different type of impairment *does not matter,* if the game is rigged.

Smoke filled rooms now must have a geek with a plan and a memory card.

What do you do against that, if the local Board of Elections in your county has Diebold (or a similarly hackworthy system) and doesn’t have the will or the money to change?

Sitting out this election seems abhorrent to me, so I won’t do that.

Is *computer hackery* one of the underreported reasons that those on the right may pull this one out after all?

Hillary’s “I’m a fighter” or Obamas oratory means *less than nothing* if the other side has said to their guy “Worry not. The fix is in.”

Damn. Just Damn.

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