Another one on visibility or lack thereof.

May 2, 2008 at 6:48 AM (Uncategorized) ()

*Caveat* I see my first identy as a person with a disability. I’m also fat,

I’ve been reading around the edges of the Pandagon/BFP/Feministe mess

I thought I had another identity. (White) Feminist.

I can’t take, or keep that identity any more.

When white feminists make choices that push the *work* of feminists of color towards *invisible* well then, their definitions are not just incomplete and flawed as I have said before because they don’t even see fat women or women with impairments as women…They are lost. They are speaking to white (able, lets not forget that part) women, and somewhere in their subconscious, they want to *say* that that white able feminists are their target audience.

So, it doesn’t make sense for me to say I’m a feminist at all.

There isn’t a word yet for the kind of feminist that in their written and oral communication makes clear that feminists who are different from themselves by virtue of race or ethnicity or sexual orientation or bodily difference or . ability are *always* feminists and whose voices need equal time at the mike of Feminism.

I’m not academic enough to come up with that word. When somebody comes up with a word I like, I’ll admit to it.

But not a ‘feminist’ not any more.

Disability activist


Older Broad who Bitches

Fat Woman

Yeah, that.

But ‘feminist’ no more.

Not til it’s fixed.

Femininsts with impairments are invisible enough already, and I’m not going to keep a label that has ended up perpetuating other women’s invisibility.  Period.


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