April 27, 2008 at 9:11 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

This isn’t going to be about the job itself. I have no problems with the job

I wonder if I’m the only disabled person that works that thinks that having this little energy at the end of the day, of having current mobility issues mean that i now literally come home and put the foot up to lessen the chronic pain.

I’m not arguing against having the job, heck no.  It pays me, gets me out interacting. And, it is not a bad job.

I have some vacation days this week where I have to go to doctors I never thought I would go to and contemplate drastic medical intervention(s) to keep the job and improve mobility that I never wanted to contemplate.

But, those who oppose any entitlements at all…this is what they seem to want for us.

I’m not socializing, I’m not going out I’m not seeing current film I’m not attending support groups or church. (Partly because I cannot seem to negotiate much transport from the roomate)

Work and rest Work and rest.

Many many able have to do this every day with a similar lack of time for themselves.  *More* if they have a spouse or children.  I’m wondering how they manage it.

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