Shall They Dance….

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I’ll own this…as purely my own perspective.

There are three things I love watching. Three things that you don’t just have to be “able” to do.

You have to be some kind of extraordiarily able person to do.

And another stereotype shot down.

I’m not bitter that I can’t. (I might have been a bit sad about it as a very young kid, but I’m speaking from an adult’s perspective)

Gymnastics fascinates me. The ability to twist and climb and turn and land exactly correctly. Without falling or slipping. Human body as arrow, sail, drill, whip.

It’s magic to me.

Equally magic and slightly more relatable.

Figure skating. They dance on a narrow blade on a buncha ice.

That’s what my *walking* in wintertime felt like, and they performed while doing it. Another “How in the **** do they do that?”

Puzzlement mixed with admiration.

And the last, dancing.

I did my version for a good while and now cannot at all.

But routines in American musicals continue to compel me to watch. But I *don’t* waste my watching time wishing that *I* could. You lose out on athleticsim or technical brilliance or pure emotion-expressed-as-movement. A technical dissection of method, or shoes or costumes or actors or dancers-who-could-also-act, or just-good-dancing.

I also believe that many many other PWD’s don’t sit around being bitter all day about the sometimes marked physical ability differences between some of us, and those called able.

There’s really too much else to do or discuss or understand.

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