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Here, someone tells us that patients with an illness condition or impairment, shouldn’t bring their informed stories to the campaign trail…

just hope that it [cancer] doesn’t become a common occurrence on the campaign trail. The cancer conversation is best left to the experts, researchers, and doctors

Just for the record: This guy works for the candidate that wants to exclude anybody with a preexisting condition from his healthcare plan…..

(update) Countdown had Elizabeth Edwards on tonight to discuss this….She supports Clinton’s plan over Obama’s and details that preexisting conditions would be not be covered under McCain’s Plan

People *with* conditions/ilnesses/impairments: ….Are People! People with rights. People who vote.

When I was a person newly diagnosed with cancer, the person who made me decide to seek treatment and live…was a survivor! A woman on the other end of a phone call from the American Cancer Society who explained what my options might be, the downsides and upsides of treatment…and who laughed a lot.

John McCain gets to speak about cancer. He’s had it.
Elizabeth Edwards gets to speak about cancer. She has it.

Mr Malek, *also* gets to speak about it, he’s involved in research.

But no one gets to dictate what patients can and can’t speak about.

If people with ilnesses or impairments (they are different) don’t speak about their experience during an election year:

Lives won’t improve
Lives won’t be saved.

And policy makers in a position to improve quality of life or even life expectancy won’t get eletcted.

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one of my best friends from long ago has just visited Ireland (he sent me an email from England, he’s on his way back.)

I told him before he left I want pictures.  Ireland, since one half of my genetics has ties there….before my mobility got as limited as it is now, I wanted to see it…

He’d better have pics, or I’ll sulk and pout when I see him next… (Possibly around Thanksgiving?)

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Why does the roomie flip the channel and stay on a fundie preacher on Sunday, even to dismiss as non-Biblical many of his convictions….

I cannot abide anybody who claims to speak for who they call a Prince of Peace, and spends an hour creating fear, terror, smugness, wilfull insular ignorance,propagandizing an incredibly large number of people, and doesn’t even begin to counter it with outreach to the poor, real tools on how to be a better person, worship that uplifts rather than terrorizes….

She explains that “It’s good to know your enemies…” and perhaps that’s true.

But I just don’t see it today

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