March 26, 2008 at 7:19 PM (Uncategorized)

In my minimalist life  I still have some items that are astonishingly durable.

While my big bookcase is destroyed by age and two many moves (purchased  circa 1984) books are useless and dusty and all but 20 will not move with me to a new apartment (lease is up in August, and the elevator problems mean I’ll have to search for another…)

I have Corelle plates from 1975 or 1977.  The first year they were made.  My great grandmother’s.  She had decided they were a good idea.

Wedding gifts in 1987 added to the bunch.

About six of the 1000 or so towels I was given as wedding gifts survive.

I have a bedspread that looks faded and ridiculous.  I won’t give it up.

It was the spread the husband and I slept under, and well darnit, I don’t sleep as well under anything else.

I have a picture of my high school crowd that I won’t get rid of either.

Black and white photos of grandparents and great grandparents.

One chintz scarf, from France.

A few bits of fake jewelry and the wedding rings…

good plastic but interesting looking glassware, utensils, and high end cookware and a Bose radio from a brief period of affluence in 1998

It’s so odd which things endure and which do not.

The music I can’t listen to anymore, but can’t quite give up.

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