March 11, 2008 at 6:46 PM (Uncategorized)


I have to drink soy milk during the workweek…in order to get calories in that don’t interact with conditions I have  while I’m at the office. (work related stress means eating at work has to be restricted)  I’ve been doing that  with variations that have sweetener in them…now, refined further I’m drinking

Unsweetened Soy Milk.

Not to offend vegetarians or vegans, but

O my Gawd.  How do you *stand* this stuff.

I don’t consider it food.  I call it 16 ounces of medicine and leave it at that.

It’s got protein in it and it doesn’t make me ill.  That is utterly all it has to recommend it.

Thank gods for evenings and weekends when I can actually eat food.


  1. bridgett said,

    I need to have mine sweetened with something. I think it tastes like yuck otherwise.

  2. Penny said,

    Some brands are “beanier” than others–but yeah, sweetened versions are easier to enjoy.

  3. bridgett said,

    Ok, I did a little research (stop laughing at me) and here’s what I’ve come up with:

    * the refrigerated stuff is less beany than the shelf-stable (and cheaper) varieties; likewise, it’s a whole lot better if you drink it cold (I’m betting you don’t). Room temp unflavored soy milk is more or less the definition of hell.
    * certain brands are less beany than others — Silk usually gets good marks (though the “Original” isn’t beloved as much as the flavored varieties), as does Harmony Farms. I don’t know if they sell 8th Continent where you are, but this is a pretty good brand.
    * Rice Dream (known around my house as Rice-Mare) is about the beaniest, with West Soy being the next beaniest. (And hey presto, these are the two brands that fall into the price range that a human on a budget can manage…grrrrrrrr.) We use them for cooking more than drinking.
    *fat-free varieties are described as thin, watery, dreary, bad…this from people who are committed to soy. Full fat versions are described as a little too thick. This leaves “Light” versions for those Goldilocks-types who need it just right.
    * Vanilla cuts the beaniness considerably. You might want to consider throwing in your own vanilla flavoring. A scant capful in your 16 oz could go a long way to making your daily experience less crappy.

  4. imfunny2 said,


    Don’t you have some huge conference this weekend? I appreciate the research, but I don’t wan’t my grousing about tasteless nutrients to take away from your preparation for actuall grownup work.

    A *slight* laugh.

  5. bridgett said,

    Yes, but I’m doing everything all at once. I can research while the nametags are
    feeding off the printer, etc. Besides, I don’t really know these people for whom I’ve been arranging all comforts for the last six months. It seems that I can spare at least
    a couple of minutes to arrange for the comfort of someone I do know and care about.

  6. qw88nb88 said,

    For cooling/ creaming/ sweetening my coffee, I like Silk brand’s Very Vanilla. For straight drinking, I can’t handle the plain stuff either, but the Silk chocolate is okay. Silk also makes a lovely eggnog-flavor during the winter holiday season (especially with a wee dollop of spiced rum). ALWAYS shake the container well before pouring, no matter what the flavor.

    There are also some soy “frozen non-dairy desserts” (ice cream analogs) that are really good. The texture will be just a little bit different, but as long as you stick with something with a distinctive flavor addition (especially chunky or chewy bits) then you would probably like them. Avoid plain old vanilla, though (even cheap ice-milk vanilla can be pretty mediocre).


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