An Open Letter on Heathcare

March 2, 2008 at 12:40 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Dear Senator Obama/Clinton

I cannot be convinced that one bureacracy costs more than 50 or so buracracies.And a bone to throw to McCain and the Republicans.

Holding down costs *is* important in two areas that everyone should be able to agree upon Your software *must* be geared to catch accidental duplicate submission, not to mention outright fraud. Look to the private health insurers and hire their fraud people. Otherwise you will spend too much.

“Pre Existing Conditions?”

“Uncessary Tests”

Figure those two terms out and delete them and come up with something better, like a doctor being able to test for what they beleve is appropriate, and to be able to use language to make it clear to any patient when a procedure *is* uncessary without it being due to pressure from corporations.

I’m cool with trying a less expensive med first, if it’s been proven to work, and then *if it doesn’t* no more bs and argument, just prescribe the more expensive version.

No denial of coverage for things an individual religion may abhor. Keep your priest,pastor or rabbi out of my medical file, thanks.

Hire and pay *physicians* to medically review.

Must. Must. Must.

And the kids have to be covered first, and then next the age goes up to 25…and goes down from 6- to 55 and so on…and meets in the middle.

Electronic records, *with appropriate safeguards*

Longterm and home care. Home care incentives

Thank you for your attention.


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