On Disaboom

February 21, 2008 at 3:42 PM (Uncategorized)

It doesn’t like me….no, I mean really.  My password won’t reset and it won’t allow a new account

It has some positive aspects,  love many parts of the place, and I’m not staying away out of pique or something….

go there and see what you think


  1. Tim said,

    Is lily helping you with the password? If not is there anything I can do to help reset your password?


  2. Erik said,

    The people at Disaboom are very nice and extremely helpful. I have been an active member benefiting from their services for some time. Seems like you are already receiving help! Best of wishes to you!

  3. Lily265 said,

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems accessing your account. Please contact Disaboom Customer Service via e-mail at CUSTSERV@DISABOOM.COM and we will reset your password from the admin system. Hope to hear from you soon…

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