The love drugs

February 17, 2008 at 6:52 PM (Uncategorized)




And the tabloid version Enzite.

I’m sick to death of these ads.  Out of balance, unfair, catering to men.

*Where’s the one for *women!*

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Boxed in

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It’s not black and white.

It’s not simple.

There are so many factors that keep me intermittently housebound.

One, I can’t do busses anymore, so my public transit is limited to the kind of things I can schedule.  I can’t just decide I want to eat at Racines, or stop at the 16th street Mall, or hit the Mayan for a movie.

And, if the impairment that affects my gut is acting up all is cancelled and I stay home.

And the subtler one that makes me angry, both at the housemate and at myself.

Of course, the roomate has their own life, time, goals, interests…

But subtly, they just won’t take me places they don’t have a reason to go to themselves.

We got together to split expenses, so they do ‘benefit’ from only having to pay for half the car, rent, gas, insurance, food, cable etc.

But, I figure it’s a subconsious benefit they give themselves, not to go anywhere they don’t want to….as payback for nearly all the cooking, much (though not all) of the cleaning, and the entirety of the laundry.

I can’t pay the roomate a wage, to be a paid PCA.

Thankfully for them, they aren’t on call as a chauffeur the minute I want to attend a church, or a reading, or a booksigning or a film.

And *they shouldn’t be*

But it still leaves me boxed in.

And yeah, it bugs me.

But there’s no good answer.

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