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February 4, 2008 at 1:50 PM (Uncategorized)

this bites

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Vote…for me.

February 4, 2008 at 11:58 AM (Uncategorized)

I was all ready to caucus….I had taken pains to learn about the process…didn’t want to mail in a ballot…wanted to take part…

I have several impairments, one of which has to do with having sixty less working lymph nodes, a key part of one’s immune system, than I did before a bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma in March 1991.

So, long story short, along with cerebral palsy, asthma and carpal tunnel, I’m a cancer survivor (yay), but with a compromised immune system. (Not quite so yay.)

For the last three weekends out of four, my landlord has been unable to keep a functioning elevator from whenever it blows out on the weekends until whenever-he-gets-someone-there on Mondays. Without a working elevator I cannot come and go from my home as I choose.

My job is in jeopardy. Friday night I had some coughs and sneezing, by Saturday night after cold meds and Advil and Zicam and water, a fever of 100.8 and a respiratory infection, and coughing up a bunch of unpleasantness. (Which continues). Borrowing a roomates concentrator, I’m evilly hooked up to two liters of straight O2 an hour without a prescription…(You feel just as crappy but your head is clear)

And, *I cannot leave my home to get this under control yet, or show up to work*

More important to the readers of this site, I’ll be nowhere near fixed up enough to caucus tomorow.

This has been such an exciting time.

Just without me. (self-absorbed *pout*)

So, I exhort every thinking reading person here. There are plenty of other temporarily and permanently ‘disabled’ out there, that for whatever reason did not choose a mail in ballot, but against their best laid plans will not be able to caucus tomorow, in Colorado where I am or the other states that are part of Super Tuesday..

I exhort everyone who reads here. Even the ones to the right of me, who wouldn’t cast a similar vote if their lives depended on it.

Vote…for me

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