I need a drink. Now. Or a hammer.

January 31, 2008 at 7:15 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

to hit myself over the head with so I can just forget I read this…

…this “opinion” in the LA times

Let the economy adjust
By Steven E. Landsburg


Our assigned topic for today is, “What’s wrong with this economy?” My answer is, the same things that are always wrong with it: bloated government, a badly designed tax system and an excess of regulation.

Addressing those fundamental problems would do far more good than shuffling a bunch of checks around. If you really think the economy needs a jump-start, let’s try suspending the Americans with Disabilities Act for a year.

What always cracks my *** up about this sort of idiocy is it always comes from people who think the ADA will never apply to them or help them.

*Anyone* is one serious car accident away from being a new quadriplegic, who could, perhaps, have the career they had pre-accident…*If the ADA as originally written* was available to them.

When will these turkeys get it? Impairment isn’t blue/red, conservative/liberal or beholden to any ideological position.

Everyone needs the ADA, because they could lose opportunity to work, an existing job, or the place they *live* without it.

The main reason for opposition to the ADA comes from those who just refuse to imagine it could happen to them.

Thankfully, there is a counterpoint paragraph in the op ed which reads:

Stimulus doesn’t stop adjustment
By Jason Furman

…We can debate whether the economy is slipping into recession or about to rebound. We can debate whether the best tools are for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates or Congress and the president to apply fiscal stimulus. And we can debate the most effective forms of fiscal stimulus. But to argue that the downturn could be solved by temporarily permitting discrimination against people with disabilities is just daft.

Thank God, a bit of sanity.

Blame the economic downturn on the ADA?

That first columnist best not come around for sympathy should he have a disabling accident.


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