It’s all about who is writing the story, isn’t it….

January 25, 2008 at 7:53 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

A business journal The Kiplinger Report has featured an article

telling business owners to *brace* themselves for an expansion of the American’s with Disabilities act…

because it’s a scary thing, that more people with disabilities *might* be better protected from an unjust firing than the recent court decisions have left them.

Then, there’s Jim Holland writing for the Kansas City Star. He feels lucky:

ADA claims wane

In the 1990s, disgruntled workers were quick to make claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Luckily for employers, 1999 saw a series of decisive wins for defendants, and the federal courts’ predilection toward ADA decisions favoring plaintiffs has since waned.

Congress will consider the “ADA Restoration Act” in 2008. If it becomes law, the act will give employees greater rights, allow for more litigation, give juries more justification for verdicts favoring plaintiffs and inevitably invite larger settlements.

Although I predict the bill will again be defeated in 2008, that could change if a Democrat is elected president this November.

What those employment law writers don’t want PWD’s and allies to do: read this blog, 

and disseminate these talking points



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