Another list of ‘don’t’s

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I’ve read and seen opinions where people appear to be cloaking their desire to dissassociate from more “different” people.

Don’t do that. Come out and admit that difference makes you anxious or afraid….or even the former associate who said….

“You know when I first saw you I was repulsed, but you’re actually cool.”

If people would just *admit* this stuff, then we could get down into *why* and alter perception.

At medical or entertainment boards I lurk or post in Various kinds of “different people, ” (real and/or fictional)

Shouldn’t be born.

Shouldn’t decide to get pregnant.

Shouldn’t be in ‘our’ schools or neighborhood

Shouldn’t keep living and costing $$$

Shouldn’t express an opinion.

Should not love or marry.

And all of these are presented as arguments about responsibility or morality.

I submit that it’s about fear.

I submit that it’s also about wanting to retain privilige.

Living in fear and holding power in exhausted hands must be a lousy way to go through life.

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  1. bridgett said,

    Your last sentence should be engraved in fancy letters and sent as an invitation to change to most of our legislature, nearly our entire judiciary, 95% of our executive branch, the vast majority of our religious leaders…

    Man, I love this post.

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