Another short one….

January 13, 2008 at 2:30 PM (Uncategorized)

I’m going to talk primary briefly, my state or anyone elses.

I’m speaking to those who differ with me politically, as well as those who don’t.  I am speaking to the able and the disabled.

If there is a caucus in your area, whether Democratic or Republican…call the  Election commission to make sure you know where it is.  If you’re an independent, or in an area without a caucus make certain you get to the general.

Whether you’re left, centrist, right or independent.


Vote because it should never  be about strategies of either party.


If you find your preccinct is inaccessible in some way  call your elected officials during the day and *raise some hell* so that you can get there.


If you have an absentee/mail in ballot use it.


Paraprhasing an idea I’m fond of that I read in a Star Trek book (No lie)

“The Vulcan word for idiot is derived from an older word that roughly translates ” ‘one who fails to participate in civil affairs.’ ”



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