And, My best married Christmas ever….

December 22, 2007 at 9:18 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Just because of a two minute moment….

It is Christmas 1987. I had married that September….and we had the late morning/early afternoon with my mother and her fiancee…I don’t remember if we headed to the in-laws next or my father’s girlfriends condo (yes, three families to juggle during the holidays instead of two)….

I forget if my mother made a phone call or left a note on the side door…but when we arrived at the house I grew up in we had instructions to set the table and put out various finished food items…my husband was getting used to my mother at this point, and simply rolled his eyes at the thought that anyone would simply let us into their house to begin setting the holiday table *while the hosts were absent*….

We were in decent subdued sweaters (no holiday themed ones….those *still* make me twitch), the table was set, and we took a moment to hug, and partially separate…we were staring out the wall of windows…That white frost on the maples that looks so pretty and contrived…but just snow doing it’s thing…It was a bright day (for Ohio—since I’ve moved to Denver ‘bright’ winter days are a whole ‘nother matter requiring sunblock,sunglasses and coat,mittens,hat…..)

We were enjoying the view when all of a sudden *people* popped into my backyard.

I had 30 seconds of ‘WTF’ are we being robbed?”

My husband had a few more seconds of the same thought….and then we started laughing….

The man who would become my perpetually smiling stepfather, and my obnoxiously perky mother were waving and laughing from their cross country skis…

Moments later, they came in and explained that they’d figured they’d be busy skiing up and down our neighborhood streets when we got there, the reason for us to do setup…I was directed to check the front door, and yes…the tracks of their skis could be clearly seen reaching west back to the main drag our cluster of side streets connected to…

It was just…contented, and calm, and everyone able to do as they wished…

Those are important.


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