More Paratransit Parables 07

December 15, 2007 at 10:10 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So, this week I met a guy I would marry in a minute if he was older and I were not heavyset.

Funny, engaging, smart, courteous…decent looking, smiled a lot…and he’s been driving a paratransit bus for three years or so…

In Denver at least you get two kinds of drivers…one who signed on for the decent benefits and money but really really loathes the job….It shows when you get one of those…they do the job correctly, but they move you as if you were some piece of freight, and they never speak to you, except to get the money and to ask you to show your paratransit id.

Then, there are the pleasant ones…earnest and trying to learn, or the ones that have been at it so long they have a map of Denver in their head and never get lost, and are rarely late….so they have time and geniune interest in chatting up their passengers.

And the day *after* I met the ParatranistGuyIWouldMarry, my next driver admitted that the driver that was supposed to get me was new, and an hour and ten minitues “down” (outside of the set up pickup time) so he had just pulled in to base, and was asked by dispatch to go and get me, and he agreed to do so…another pleasant guy…

…and we had the following humorous discussion…. football fans take note:

Me: “Why is there so much westbound traffic on this road? Don’t people stay home anymore?”

Driver: “There’s so much traffic, this is gettin’ to be like New York!”

Me: “This traffic would have to go some to be like new York. Hell, it would have to go some to be like Cleveland!”

Driver: (Laughing) “You from Cleveland?”

Me: “Yes.”

Driver (Pause for a beat or two while he’s still laughing) “I’m from Pittsburg.” (Another beat pause) “I should never have picked you up!”


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