The Summer of ’67.

December 8, 2007 at 4:46 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m six about-to-be-seven.  It’s some afternoon in the summer.  Two teenaged guys in sunglasses and short haircuts are driving a Thunderbird convertible down the street (or so I thought. I don’t know **** about cars now, and even less then…)  When they weren’t driving it, they just did that polish it up and lean against it thing…

I thought it was the coolest thing ever…that Christmas I was happy to find a dark purple T-Bird to add to my toy car collection.  ( I had Barbie *and* Hot Wheels.  Go figure.)

I adored my uncle’s copper colored Mustang hardtop, but I liked the T’bird just a shade more…

Sun’s out, and our new porch fence and railing prove just two tempting.  I’ve been eyeing them, and the bottom slats look like I could pull myself up on them, and hold the top…to be taller….and make a speech.  Somehow, making a speech was something I’d never done.  The parents had discovered that I had a singing voice at age four, and forced me to sing ‘Hello Dolly’ at family gatherings….but that was being *made* to take the stage…not just showing up and blathering of my own accord, which seemed like it ought to be more fun.

I don’t remember much of the content, but I do know I loudly announced my full name, age,  and street adress to the sunny day and everyone in it.   I was going on to some complicated list of my likes and dislikes when I was requested to cease and desist and come inside.  Since I couldn’t outrun my mom, compliance was the only choice.

Maybe she should have just *let* me make that speech…I could have gotten it out of my system then….rather than now…


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