December 4, 2007 at 6:30 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Yeah, it’s politics.

When the “war president” holds meetings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Let me say, I applaud the effort.


In what universe would *any * champion of preemptive war be seen as a viable broker for a peace, that if it ever comes, will need a real diplomatic team from many many nations working in tandem with Israeli and Palestinian leaders….


Today’s national inteligence estimate.

I’ll take the oddball view and say that yes, watching cowboy diplomacy at work next door in Iraq may have had an impact on those working on the program as in:

“Um, wow.  The US really will invade somewhere anytime they please, and that’s crazier than anything we were even thinking about, so we’d better shut this down…”

But, if that was so, wouldn’t the administration have trumpeted “Iran has cowered and powered down it’s program,” when this happened?  An additional soundbyte on the deck of the ‘Mission Accomplished” ship perhaps?

Methinks they would not have missed such an opportunity.

So, no.

Back to square one.

Here’s hoping Preemptive War Number II is now foiled, and actual negotiations ensue….

But thanks a bunch, present administration.  Thanks anyway.

We really wanted to look this incompetent to the rest of the world.

And in future, when we really *need* solid diplomatic allies….

What will these ideas and actions have made them decide?


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