A break from the kvetching…

December 1, 2007 at 10:46 AM (Uncategorized)


The three best things about Denver

1.  Public place Accessibility

2. The mountains

3, The fact that the snow is (often) immediately heated away by the sun….

Makes me think of all the people in the east, shut up in the winter from November to March Bwahahahaha!

Except for last winter, which was atypically EVIL in the Front Range.

And, to bridgett, the snowstorm that presently has dropped about 30 inches in the Sangre De Christo mountains in southwest Colorado, is, um, supposedly headed for your home ground after it turns up and east a bit….




  1. bridgett said,

    Gah! It can’t happen on Monday because I’m starting the Civil War on Monday…that sounds odd to any non-historian, but you guys who teach US survey know what I mean. No, honestly, my students would benefit intellectually from a break. I think they are feeling ground down and god knows I am too…

  2. qw88nb88 said,

    You forgot the other cool thing about Denver: you can’t get lost because the mountains are to the west. (Although I hear our fave bookstore moved.)

  3. bridgett said,

    The “snowstorm” was a big fizzle. We got a dusting and some slushy sleet…nothing to keep me at home, more’s the pity.

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