Well, *that* was underwelming

November 23, 2007 at 7:58 PM (Uncategorized)

So, stiff upper lip, away from family and by myself on T-day, had some fun with films et al…because we had a reservation at a decent place that stayed open on the holiday …

I never ate that turkey

I never ate that stuffing

I never had a salad or a bit of cranberry…


The ‘accessible’ apartment is on the second floor.

The elevator in my building was not working.

Everytime this happens (there have been three to five incidents in the last year.)

Safety comes to mind. If there was a fire or other damage, I could not exit the building.

It’s not so much that I couldn’t go some artificial place to eat,

I don’t like my freedom of movement curtailed by ….they need to take the elevator out and rebuild the s-o-b- from the ground up.

I can’t move out until August of 2009. But by gawd, I’ll be going then.

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