I’m a B+W movie nut…

November 22, 2007 at 2:39 PM (Uncategorized)

So, I thought I’d have a guilt free afternoon of indulging in them…and had rented some documentary about Bette Davis.

I also saw “The Miracle Worker” last week.

“Dark Victory,” about someones ‘heroic’ struggle against impending blindness…

A buncha cellioud wasted reinforcing the general public’s idea that life is no longer valuable if you have to navigate without conventional sight

only stops bothering me when it becomes clear the main character is fighting for her life, not just the loss of vision.

I know a lot of folk have issues with “The Miracle Worker,” as well…I’m concerned about it’s lack of accuracy regarding both Helen and Annie Sullivan….but…

Half a loaf is better than none….and words, learning…are great tools for handling life…They are *not* the messianic panacea that the film makes them out, but they are a way through.

At least (in the film) Annie wasn’t trying to attempt to have Helen speak.

And of course in both films, the caregivers and the folk with impairment are shown as ridiculously virtuous.  (Yes, Helen is a fighter, but she calms right down, when the great Word, is brought down from Mt Olympus…(gag)

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  1. bridgett said,

    Compare these representations with that of “Ferrand” (Francois Truffaut) in
    the terrific *Day for Night*. (That’s what we watched last night after Kid was in bed — too much bed-hopping to make it kid-friendly…very French in that respect!)
    Truffaut (playing sort of himself) is nearly entirely deaf (a bit of dialogue about his
    hearing aid which is completely visible during the film until it becomes almost a character) and life goes on. His deafness isn’t given as a reason for his visual brilliance, his ability to focus — whatever compensatory fantasies you as a viewer have, he lets you keep but he doesn’t add to them. He just is a human doing a job. It was kind of cool.

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