Thankfuls 2007

November 18, 2007 at 10:33 AM (Uncategorized)

I’m not great at this, but here goes.

1. I’m thankful neither myself or my caregiver got so stressed that we quarrelled with each other (in a big way)

2. My genetic family. Thanks all you crazy people! I miss you, and I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!  And my sisters and brothers in law Marla,Lou,Becky,Jay–hang in there, and thanks for the support.)

3. My family of choice–my friends

Joanne,bridgett,lovelander,Pete,Steve (and Ray),Mel and Jeff,Marta,Micki,

4.bloggersall: Penny,goldfish,Blue,Miss Crip Chick,AttilaTheMom,David,Seahorse,bint,WheelchairDancer,Aunt B,

and any and everyone else who has stopped by this year– you rock. (and, no I’m not linking, find em yerself 🙂 )

5. My paycheck. (Not to mention all my coworkers who make it much easier to work at a very difficult job because they don’t approach me with office politics or an agenda all the time…just professionalism (even though they don’t read here).


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