November 12, 2007 at 7:59 PM (Uncategorized) ()

I believe that as I deal with ongoing chronic pain in my left leg since September I have, in some sense, gotten used to it.  IOW, it doesn’t actually hurt less, but somehow, the system has integrated it, unless I do the dumbass thing, and try to actually, stand or turn and pivot.  Then, I still cannot stay silent, and weeping  a string of curses or a loud catch of breath ensues…

But this brings on another slew of those quirky “You’re trying to get sympathy mileage out of this aren’t you?” looks.

Am I allowed to tell you, readers, that I *cannot abide* that sort of look?

How in the **ck, is an able person *watching me from the outside* able to tell how much pain I’m actually in, or *of* that how much is actually worth a wince, or a grimace or a cry?  Do they have some sort of paperwork?

“Here, people is the the Acceptable Response To Pain Scale, Version 4.0 (Windows and Mac compatible)”

Are they thinking, “You cannot possibly be in as much pain as you state you are and still laugh.”

In the name of any and all Deities,  why do non-medical persons who live outside our bodies, assume they know what’s going on in them?


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