Tortured Argument

November 11, 2007 at 10:17 AM (Abuse, Institutionalization, Torture, Waterboarding) (, , , , , , , , )

Here’s something that’s been waiting around in my brain for a couple of weeks and I finally have it clear enough to write:

First, let me say to potential critics: I am completely aware that the discussion of torture that has played out over the course of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is meant to be discussed as military opponents employing specific techniques against enemy captives.

But when President Bush or Vice President Cheney (See? I can use the titles to respect the office, if not the holders of same.) says “We do not torture.”


First, if they spoke to *any* person with mental ilness that has spent any time in an institutional setting, chances are, they or a fellow patient have suffered things at the hands of staff that a POW would agree is torture.

Also anyone with physical impairment who has spent time in an institutional setting as a child or adult, or in any nursing home could very possibly have the same story, if not about themselves, then about someone they know. If they, and a POW were in the same room, would the POW consider it torture? Yep.

So, lets put that to rest right away. The US does still torture its’ most vulnerable populations from time to time right here on our soil in individual cases or as a practice in some institutional settinngs.

And now, for the strictly military side.

I am laying aside *any and all* moral outrage arguments

Not because I don’t share them, but because the administration ain’t havin any of that.

I am laying aside all Constitutional arguments.

Not because I don’t share them, because the adminstration ain’t havin any of that either.

I vote for an argument they are going to have a ***** of a time countering.

Straightforward support of the troops, and grim pragmatism:

If we do this to 10 detainees, those who permit it, order it and execute it are saying by their actions that they believe that it is an acceptable risk that 100 of our own troops be tortured in the same ways or worse. Because, *that* is the response that would come.
Remember, as far as we know, we have beheaded no-one.

But Daniel Pearl, an able bodied civilian journalist was beheaded, *simply because we responded to 9/11 *at all.* Before Iraq was up and running.

We cannot waterboard if our policy is to protect our own troops.


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