November 5, 2007 at 8:19 PM (Uncategorized)

What does that constitute on any given day.

Religions have a gazillion answers.

So do  various politics.

So does law.

But “rights” exist independent of “validity”

Is a person who does a lot of ‘being’ thought of as less than a person who does a lot of ‘doing?’

I submit that that happens often

If people aren’t granted rights *because they are people* instead of due to them believing a certain thing, or towing a certain line….

That’s the beginning of losing needed personal care, or being institutionalized, or being fired from a job, or…

When I was young, I saw dividing lines and hierachies within my classmates that meant that some were paid more attention, and some where paid less, and some were paid none.

And it had to do with race,gender, and ability.

The more ‘normal’ you could act, the more likely the overworked underpaid teachers would help you learn.

I don’t think any of them self identified as racists…

…but it happened.

And then of course, if your classmates saw you as liked by the teachers….they had their own brand of discipline…

And I listen to all the able…on the blogs, on the news, etc….

Concerned that the Constitution is now being treated as a beloved antique with no real relevance….

Concerned that rights enumerated in founding documents are being eroded….

Whatever shall the able do….

If they lose a job,

A home,

Don’t have the correct health care.

I try to make common cause.  Because I know that if our system went the way that Pakistan just went…disability programs, benefits etc etc would be one of the first things gone.

But part of me says…

Welcome to my side of the fence, folks.



  1. bridgett said,

    Time to push the fence over. I hear power chairs are good for that.

  2. imfunny2 said,


    working on alternative funding for a power chair now…

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