Twilight Tale

October 30, 2007 at 9:27 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

I don’t remember if this happened in the fall, or spring.

But it did happen, sometime between September 1980 and June 1981.

A group of freshmen decided that when it got completely dark, they would brave the local cemetery.

I found it interesting that at the beginning of the idea, there was a big crowd of us, out by the central flagpole….and, as we left the ‘college town’ section of those few blocks behind, fewer and fewer people were with us…they peeled off and headed back to the dorms…

I remember a couple of drunk guys, and a red-headed dorm mate of mine were among the ones I knew.

Most of them, it was clear, were posturing and joking….but weren’t actually having any “walk through the cemetery” bravery, not even those full of booze. We stood on the edge, moved back and forth a bit…

But *never* past the hedge, in where the headstones were.

It was an incredibly bright night though. The moon was full and for a good twenty five percent of the cemetery proper, it was quite the spotlight…

I was irritated. No one was moving. They had *had* this idea, but when it came to execution, they were perched on the edge, fearful of the consequence, real or imagined, of going those last steps.

While I love science and rational thought, there is a very superstitious part of my mind, back in the back….(no doubt encouraged by a youthful fascination with the vampire myth).

But it was nuts that they had come here to do something and weren’t actually going to *do* it.

The superstitious part of me tells me that what came next resulted in any and all “bad luck” that came at me afterwards.

Those who know me offline, know the yell, full of ‘projection’ training from my time as a singer…how it must have sounded in the half dark:

“Hey! Come On!” I yelled, using the crutches to lenthghen my stride, to take up as much ground as possible…

“Doesn’t Anybody Have Any Guts?!!”

And instantly I was in the moonlit portion of the graveyard, doing my version of a march through the headstones, nervous, but pleased, and intrigued by the amount of brightness from the moon, making the place look nearly floodlit in some corners, and leaving the dark’s shadow in others.

Note to the able: If you say you’re going to do something a bit extraordinary, if you have the physical capacity to do so…

Just go do it already, and consequences be damned.


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  1. bridgett said,

    I spent a lot of lovely evenings in that cemetery, laying on the eastern slope of the hill watching the stars wheel around and talking to the folks. It wasn’t the graveyard that boogered me out; it was the snaggly tree on the 3-mile square that made me feel creeped.

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