Another cool potential ‘side effect’ of blogging

October 30, 2007 at 9:40 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

I wonder, if, for those people with intermittent, or more serious memory loss, due to age, illness or impairment…

If this wouldn’t be a way of preserving the memories they have, if they’re blogging on a lucid day….

I know that I wish blogs had been commonplace during the last twenty years of my grandparents or great grandparent’s lives…

They told wonderful stories….but if blogs had been there, the immediacy of those memories would be able to last for several more generations….

“Oral History” is only done, if the family or a scholar deems it important enough to take the time.

With blogging, the individual blogger gets to make that choice…


  1. seahorse said,

    I’ve just pondered the very same thing over at mine, where cooking and photography are helping me keep permanence in my life. My memory loss is pretty bad. I love to be in the moment cooking, taking pix, posting blog entries. It really does help.

  2. bint alshamsa said,

    I wish my grandmother had been alive to see this era. So much of our family history was lost when she died.

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