Kids with Disabilities vs Adults with Disabilities

October 18, 2007 at 6:39 PM (Uncategorized)

I just had to put an afterword here.

The Charity and Medical Model of Disability, set a dangerous dichotomy, that the present wrangling over health care and cutting funds for programs that help people with disabilities seems to perpetuate.

Once a person with disability becomes an adult:  They’re no longer the cute kid or the plucky teenager (gag)  that can tug at everyone’s heartstrings….

And, help from many programs *ends* once you leave school or home….

Proving that there is a bipartisan commonality :

No one is quite sure that disabled adults need as much support and help as disabled children…

We’re not all able to work

We’re not all “cute”

Being a patient cheerful overcoming kid made people comfortable

That is tougher for a disabled adult, but it doesn’t mean we should be invisible.

Kids have more support systems in place than adults do…they *have to* granted.

But disabled adults aren’t quite built like able adults….we can handle more than disabled kids can…in general…

There’s a difference between wishing the problem of fewer supports for disabled adults didn’t exist, and therefore doing nothing about it,

and recognizing that the problem does exist *and* saying so and then filling ones plate with frustration trying to get the disabled adult in one’s  sphere the helps they need.

We’ve got to take the second course…

Wishing a problem away does not make it disappear.



  1. Sarah said,

    I didn’t become disabled til I was an adult, but I’m always told I would have greater access to supports if I was disabled as a child. But I need help now. Ugh. I hate the system.

  2. Ranter said,

    Very true. Kids always get the help/support/resources/money. This may sound awful, but I don’t give to children’s charities for that very reason. They will never have a problem getting funding. It’s the adults who get overlooked.

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