Slower than the rest….

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Anyone born with physical trouble writing (not, can you write a good story, but how long does it take you to write a good sentence…), knows the frustration from school or work or both when good notetaking is essential, and the speed at which you can take notes is *noticeably* slower than your peers…

If, in elementary school in my time, those that were able to use electric typerwriters were taught to type on an electric typewriter…Instantly grades went up, and continued to do so, as other people were still handwriting reports at least until high school and crappy handwriting was a thing of the past.

Then in 1985 the era of the word processor….Wordstar two 5/1/2 inch floppys…a better way to store and manipulate text, good for grad school at the time.

In the 90’s the personal computer became available to some…and the  Internet began to become more widely used, and in 1996 (coincidentally during my abortive semester in law school,) a portable word processor with a single disk drive was available. (Not a full fledged laptop but it really wasn’t needed.)

Those things, and the speech recognition in my desktop today help me produce written work in a timely fashion comparable to my able bodied peers.

But some with impairments may lose the leveling of the playing field theat computers have given us until now and this “computer revolution” is not something I’ll be able to adapt to as easily as the times above.

The Blackberry, the I-phone…cerebral palsy even makes laptop work difficult for my fingers, if the keys are any smaller than a conventional keyboard, let alone the minibuttons or touch screens on blackberries or I-Phones…

The “mouse” is fine, but those trackpads on laptops are murder for someone with screwed up hand eye coordination.

So, the computer, once the equalizer, will now become another thing that some of us will be unable to do as quickly as our able peers, should work, play, or volunteering ever require excessive computer time not done on a desktop….

When blind, Deaf or motor impaired persons grouse about cell phones, blackberry’s or I-phones that have no way to adapt to their needs, it’s never just grousing for grousings sake. Those of us facile on the Internet shouldn’t have to “lose” that leveler if the technology changes…either slowed down, or shut out altogether in some cases.



  1. hymes said,

    Do you think desktops will disappear? I can’t work on a laptop at all. My fine motor is in the 4th percentile and not getting better due to neuropathy in both hands. This is a scary thought to me.

  2. Anonymous said,


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