Pardon my abscences…

October 10, 2007 at 5:27 PM (Uncategorized) ()

My condition is worsening…inflamation and severe pain in left leg that used to be the “good leg” which no one can figure out….adds to the existing cerebral palsy in several not good ways.

Carpal tunnel meant I had to stop supporting myself on crutches beginning in 2004 so, I was given a scooter.

When I try to explain my level of cerebral palsy, it’s best described to the able as “trying to go everywhere and do everything on a six inch wide balance beam.

Then, in the beginning of September, the “good leg” started to hurt.  And swell, and hurt and hurt….enough to cause tears (and/or cursing depending on the venue)  when it is forced to be weightbearing etc etc.

Xrays,c-scans, ultrasounds…nuthin…

It means that simple “stand and turn and pivot” that is needed to shower, get into bed, handle other hygeine, is extremely painful. (I can’t make the brain pay attention and use the right leg, since I’m kinda “programmed” to ignore the weaker right leg after several surgeries and thirty years…

But, people learn this sort of thing in rehab hospitals, so I’m just going to try to suck it up and refigure these things…

I’ve decided to put on hiatus till 2009 a possible return to academics or school…(I was going to retake the GRE etc in prep for that, but it really takes all I can manage right now to get to the job, do it and come home and rest the foot.

I need a power chair to navigate my office (the scooter won’t fit through the second floor entrance door)

I may get this by Feb of 2008.

My insurer will not pay for the powerchair, so I’m going to try to save enough to pay for it via pre tax dollars at work….

hopefully I’ll have something more edifying and less mememememe on the weekend.



  1. spotted elephant said,

    I hope the pain decreases soon.

    Those insurance companies are just evil. I’ve been denied for a power chair too, and am hoping I can keep working without one. *crosses fingers*

  2. Sarah said,

    Feel better!

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