The ADA Restoration Act 2007 11 More?

October 2, 2007 at 6:13 PM (ADA Restoration Act of 2007) ()

They have 207 Cosponsors now in the House…want 218 cosponsors before the hearing on thursday….

I’m not seeing anybody from

Idaho, or South Dakota…Some others I may have missed South Carolina or Montana….

Come on, future cosponsors! This aint the war, or national security….I think you can sign on to this with a clear conscience.

I applaud DeGette and Perlmutter from Colorado for making the list…

For common sense. A medically documented disability—*is* a disability…and businesses can’t hide behind this bizzare idea for example where the judge found that cognitive impairment doesn’t limit major life activities


Google also yields similar written opinon that “communication” “reading” “concentration” are not major life activities….

Bush the First didn’t allow passage of this law so it wouldn’t work at all.

Bush the First, whatever his shortcomings, did not intend that this law be gutted by court opinion.

More Cosponsors Please…

So that if/when the able that read here *become* disabled…you are protected under the law.



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    […] The ADA Restoration Act 2007 11 More? Oct 2 ‘07, Midlife and Treachery. This blogger is impatient for 11 more co-sponsors for the Restoration Act. […]

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