Expect me to be a weekend blogger

September 24, 2007 at 6:57 PM (Uncategorized)

    for a while…because when I’m not working I need to be horizontal and I don’t have access to a working laptop….

I can afford to be sitting up for enough time to blog on Saturdays and Sunday’s….

Everyone who normally reads here has some homework…

While I’m 75% down go write some snarky posts…





  1. bridgett said,

    I’ll try. I’m feeling pretty beaten down this week and not too feisty, but if it’s for a friend, maybe I can manage…

  2. Rhea said,

    Ohhh, alright.

  3. hymes said,

    You’re leaving me with a post-modern ethnography? That’s this week’s homework. Okay, I can do snarky :).

  4. bridgett said,

    I’ve done some experimental (at least in the writing up) feminist ethnography…are you reading it or writing it?

  5. hymes said,

    Reading it for a course. I’m hoping to use the course to help with my writing. I’m not in the field except for being born into it so to speak, but I have been writing about dialysis and psychiatric treatment and thought a semi-ethnographic approach would be the one I would find most compatible in structuring my writing. (None of this writing is on my blog by the way, that’s a whole different kind of writing.)

    The post-modern stuff is way above my head I find, but I really enjoy the questions it raises for me and I loved the traditional ethnographies we read first and the new questions the professor raised that I had never asked myself just growing up with the
    stuff. So far, this course has been a combination of old friends week (putting works to faces and names of people I had met but never read) and reexamination of a lot of assumptions I had never realized I held until now. I find myself completely ambivalent on many of the issues raised and am very comfortable with that for now.

    Is there somewhere I can read what you wrote?

    Alison Hymes

  6. Paul Martin said,

    Wow, the only blogger I’ve run into with a similar problem. I’m semi bedridden – more bedridden than not – and have to be lying flat and can’t lift my arms from that position.

    I know my bedroom ceiling quite well…

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