Hat tip to a longtime friend

September 22, 2007 at 8:39 PM (Dancing) (, , )

Not linking ‘cuz he knows who he is…and prefers his anonymity.

and also to Keith Olbermann who mentioned this briefly on Countdown last night [Does he *have* to keep being so appealing and unatainable at the same time? I wish he’d turn out to be a real jerk…so I could stop wishing]

A London club banned a woman on crutches from entering  the venue.  The manufactured reason was concern that the crutches might be used as weapons.

Bu!! and Sh!t.

‘Weapons’ my shrinking but still oversized @ss.

By that logic, any expert in martial arts cannot be allowed into the club either, because their mobility devices, their limbs are deadly weapons…..

In my opinion, the real reason was that *someone* thought they were the Arbiter of Cool a la Studio 54, and that crutches *automatically* assign this woman to Those who will Never Be Hip Enough to Party Here.

From the article:

Disabled people face many hurdles and to deny a young person access to a nightclub, effectively because of their disability, creates yet another barrier between her and her friends. While they party, she is meant to sit it out.”

She went right to her MP with this.

Good for her…and if any other UK’ers with impairments manage to get into that club….

Party with her and for her all night long….

The club states in the article that there had been two previous violent incidents in the club and that based on legal advice they had banned this patron, but the tone and phrasing makes it clear *her* banning from the club is *unrelated* to any previous violent incidents, and in fact she had been admitted to the club on two previous occasions.

This and the Jena Six in the same month.

Someone’s been using timewarp technology on us, surely.

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  1. Attila the Mom said,

    grrrrr. Good for her!

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