A WTF Monday

September 17, 2007 at 12:02 PM (illness) ()

….so…. I have to go over to Web MD to do a little research because it’s likely I have another brand new impairment.

(‘Brand New’ meaning not cancer, not anything else I’ve    take n a near miss from.  )

WTF!  W…T….F impossibleness is this?

I’m going to allow myself fifty seconds of shameless self pity here…

Note to the Cosmos:

Even a fat woman can only *fit* so many impairments in one body…..

******  *******

And I have no idea what a positive result on the ultrasound I take tomorow will mean to my work schedule…

Not a freaking clue.


1 Comment

  1. bridgett said,

    On the up side, not cancer. On the other up side, might knowing about this one make taking care of the others more doable or effective?

    On the down side, fucking fucking fuckers of fuck. Shitpuppies. Son of a bitch goddammit. (I curse so you don’t have to.)

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