First Saturday night short post…

September 15, 2007 at 6:25 PM (Hair Care) ()

The shampoo edition:  I have this scary botomless shampoo bottle but I’m too cheap to just throw it out and buy another.

I had gotten great success with a leave in conditioner that had tea tree oil in it…so I went to a different brand (bad move # 1) and went all the way to shampoo…

That was I believe, four months ago.

The smell is industrial rather than pleasant, it is so harsh my scalp feels burned, and *I can’t seem to get to the bottom of the bottle!*

My follicles are screaming at me:  “You dumb broad!  We’re 45 years old and damaged by chemotherapy!  We only stayed around because we liked you and now we’re considering deserting en masse, because we didn’t sign up for waterboarding and torture!  The patch of  hair in the front that left the scene early and now gives you that Donald Trump/ old granny comb over at 45 years old…that was the *smart hair!* It got out early.

Change your stuff or we’re gone!  Sincerely, the middle aged remains of your hair!”

So, I have to get a new shampoo and throw the bottle out, but the shampoo just won’t dissapear fast enough…sigh…and the new shampoo also has to deal with dandruff, because that’s the one thing the Burning Hair Care Product isn’t handling…


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