It’s interesting that Goldfish

September 13, 2007 at 3:31 PM (Uncategorized)

has posted recently about medicine, withdrawal and symptoms.

I’m at home.  I’m taking Vicodin.  I don’t want to take much more of it.  It’s handling some abdominal pain the docs are working on but it’s not even touching some weird left leg pain that’s loud enough to keep me from concentrating for more than five minutes at a stretch.

Job in early stages of jeopardy, but I don’t believe I’m out the door yet…been communicating with both HR and my boss….yet, the doctor *did not* clear me for work yesterday after a stint in the ER on Tuesday.. earliest I could be back at work is next tuesday, *if* a new drug, not addicting is efective enough against this weird leg thing that is only getting worse…without affecting my ability to concentrate.

These are *new and different things* and not the things that sent me off work in 2004.

Looks like my five minutes is up.


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