Mature Readers Only / Another post about Comfort

September 8, 2007 at 3:30 PM (Uncategorized)

This one will shock any and all readers who think we with impairments are never comfortable in our own skins, and is a maturely themed post…so get the kids out of the room.

Unless one is YouTubed or a person who enjoys the risk of video chronicling of intimacy, it’s not like you can open up a scrapbook and revisit those memories in the same way.

But yes, those who are disabled have those moments….and I’m going to try my best to be clear about them without getting into vulgarity.

Sitting on the bed with the husband in the altogether, cheerfully eating pizza, and then terrorized into flinging on a bathrobe due to a knock on my door from a beloved but quite shockable friend.

A  few lake swims that allowed one to be *held up* by the blessed water and cuddled at the same time…no way to lose one’s balance.

The darker but no less amusing post widowhood bad choices…But damn, they were fun, most of them.

I actually got one of those scenes, so beloved by soap opera, where various pieces of clothing led a trail from the livingroom to the bedroom…followed by an inventive and nearly nonstop six hours.

Me: “I won’t pick up your socks, or cook for you, or *ask you how your day was,* or give you money.  *That’s* not what this is about.  It’s purely fun, and don’t make it into anything else…”

Him: “Damn!  *I’m supposed to say that!”

Poor tragic disabled woman my ***.  At least not when the drapes were pulled and the sun went down.

Oh, and I was already a fat broad too.


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