I hate it when bloggers I love irritate me…

August 19, 2007 at 11:08 AM (Anti-Choice) (, , )


Aunt B has done it.

A caveat: I’m going to sound like a pro lifer below, and I’m not.

I’m right between pro life and pro choice. (But there *is* no middle, I hear the shouts!)

There is if you believe that life does not begin before the brain boots up.

Before that, there is life, in the sense of cells, or growing plants. But my belief is *that isn’t a people.* It’s my belief and mine alone, and I’m not trying for converts. (Believe me, during my time among the evangelical Christians, I just couldn’t bring myself to impose my beliefs. I was rotten at it. 🙂 )

The opinion I hold that will get me boos and hisses from both sides is:

*After* the brain boots up. It’s a child. Not a stalk of celery.

I do believe this quite strongly, and I’m modeling it after the  idea that the Duty to Die people would love to expand upon, that when life *ends* one of the standards used by medics to decide when a person *stops* being a person, and the body may continue on as a stalk of celery = brain activity.

And what puts me on the pro choice side is:

In some circumstances a woman will *have to choose* to end that pregnancy after the brain boots up.
I say she’s ending a childs life at that point…but she will have to do it for necessity.

I argue below over which of those reasons feels comfortable to me.

But the choice has to be there. Even if I don’t believe in it after a certain point on the timeline. It has to be there, or no one has control over their own bodies.

Disabled women are often denied such control, so I do have some murky understanding of why so many see the issue in those terms.

But, to the post….

She says here, which I like…

The State cannot force you to do something dangerous and possibly deadly that then saddles you with an 18 year commitment against your will and claim with a straight face that you are free and equal to other citizens.

And another thing that I don’t understand why *everyone* cannot get behind…

We know ABC (sex ed with an emphasis on “Abstinence, being Faithful, and using Condoms”) has worked well in other countries to reduce HIV/AIDS. If it works for that, why not try it for unwanted pregnancies?

But then, for me, in a reply to a comment in that post she slides off somewhere I just cannot go….

Often, women have late-term abortions because the fetus has some horrible defect that will ensure it dies a painful death upon delivery or shortly afterwards. A woman might feel that the kindest thing she can do for her child is to end its life swiftly rather than letting it suffer.

Is this language an unfortunate choice? I think so. She’s talking about impairment serious enough to immediately and painfully end the child’s life if it is born….but…then where is the line drawn on late term abortion and disability?

In this blog post

There is a detailed summary of why those with disabilites are in oposition to abortion due to impairment

If it is incorrect to selectively abort due to gender or race, why is selective abortion due to a diagnosis of disability encouraged by doctors…?

And before the comments come in that say “That” is what choice is about…no one would *choose* to have an impaired child…

read this, about George….It proves an important truth.

When a child could be born (able or disabled).

Doctors, clinicians, researchers, advocates and *parents* are prognosticating 18 years into the future as to what that child will be.

They have some medical evidence….a well *educated* guess, certainlly.

But they’re *guessing.*

They don’t *know.*

And the parents don’t know either.

But they’re *deciding* that they *do believe* it’s going to turn out “awful…” and if they wanted the pregnancy to continue and abort solely on the basis of disability….

I also don’t want to give mothers like the doctor that killed her autistic kid, and revealed as part of her confession “I wanted a life without autism…” any kind of traction at all.


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