Sudden shift in the PCA Paradigm

August 18, 2007 at 4:29 PM (Assistive Technology, Caregivers, Employment)

The roomate, stressed to an insane limit by the Denver blizzards this last winter (having to work ten and twelve hour shifts in an industry that’s transportation related)

….Took up smoking during those blizzards… after a ten year hiatus.  They already have  severe asthma.  Roomate quit in July again….

The roomate has been the de facto PCA around imfunnytoo’s house for the last seven or so years….

A sudden, drastic reduction in their lung function means that the things that are beyond me, are now (mostly) beyond them as well…so I’m going to have to fork up for cleaning (which is fine)

and figure out a way to do laundry myself…(which due to layout of the place can prove a bit much.)

Could be temporary, could be permanent.

I’m in that place that a lot of people with impairments with jobs also find themselves…Income too high to get a paid pca, …

The roomate on oxygen 24/7 can still work, and still drive (yay.) But that’s about it.

Can’t move out of this place until 2008 in August…(for something smaller and slightly less expensive)

Not a sympathy grabber.  I’m just trying to figure out
how to handle this…

Well, actually no.  I’ll rant a minute.

Conservatives *want* us to work.  They would rather not fork up for impairments if at all possible. (I mean good grief, they aren’t even really paying for what’s needed for the physical and mental struggles  of the soldiers *they* sent to Iraq, )

so the rest of us who have impairments that have nothing to do with the cost of doing business, I mean um, fighting a war…  We’re really in the soup.

But those things that would *support* the continuation of working…that would help the ones that *have* jobs keep them, as well as help those who are seeking to work find some

….Exist for the rich who can have a *staff* (even the “upper middle class” have “someone come in” to housekeep sometimes…

And if you’re on disability, programs exist on paper, but can be incredibly difficult to maintain and are subject to abuses, theft of your stuff…pca’s that are stupid, neglectful or downright dangerous….

There’s never been a good answer.



  1. hymes said,

    That’s a real pain to deal with. Are there any community colleges where you live that train and certify PCA’s? (Don’t know if they are certified in your state of course.) Any possibility of temporarily getting students who have to put in hours? Not the best situation of course and they may lack skills, but it could be free.

    I’ve heard of other countries where PCA’s are paid for by the government, but I may have been dreaming.

  2. consciously crip said,

    ughhh PCA arrangements and the whole system is so complicated. do you know if you would be eligible for a medicaid buy-in or if your state even offers that? there has to be some better than this; it’s ridiculous that once we start making money we lose all our benefits and access to PCAs.

  3. imfunny2 said,

    My understanding is that since I work, I make too much for that….

  4. Attila the Mom said,

    Hey, email me when you have a chance. 🙂

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