I’m mildly irritated….

August 12, 2007 at 3:20 PM (travel)

but only because this is another of these limits that I haven’t come up against before…not mad at anyone getting a chance at some fun.

Turns out the roomate will be attending a family reunion of sorts next year (I don’t know dates yet)….and so…

The sanest thing to do is to take the same time off,  because I have no assigned PCA to make sure I’ve got shoes on. If I’m off work, there’s no anxious scramble to get to work on time….

I’ll stay here in Denver if finances dictate…I do have the option of going back east to see (the part of ) family that would actually ask me to come…

I could see friends in Nevada…friends and or family in Columbus…former inlaws and/or friends in upstate NY.

I don’t think it’d be mentally good to stay by myself for a week and I’ve been wanting to travel on my own…

So, I’ll just puzzle around for six months and figure out where I’ll end up….


1 Comment

  1. bridgett said,

    Put us on your list of potential places to visit.

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